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Chiropractic Care ----- Auto Accident Pain Relief Services ----- Massage Therapy ----- and other Pain Treatment Services ----- Call Us Today ----- East Orlando 407-730-3980 ----- West Orlando 407-730-3980 ----- South Orlando 407-730-3980
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Testimonials for APEX CHIROPRACTIC

APEX CHIROPRACTIC provides professional Chiropractic Care, Auto Accident Pain Injury Services, Massage Therapy, and other Pain Treatment Services for those in Orlando and Central Florida.


407-730-3980 East Orlando (Curry Ford Rd)

407-730-3980 West Orlando (W. Colonial Dr)

407-730-3980 South Orlando (Gatlin Ave)

Facebook Review #1
My go to Doctor when my back or neck goes out - gets me relief from the unbearable pain. I'll be the first to admit I don't like Chiropractors but Dr Ky Chung, changed my outlook.

Facebook Review #2
Great doctor. Very knowledgable and thorough of the treatment procedures.

Yelp Review #1
Such a great experience during a stressful time (an auto accident). The staff was amazing! Always friendly, welcoming, and even went the extra mile to Uber me back and forth to my appointments. Exceptional service! I have already recommended to all my friends. (Plus Dr. Chung is super cute!!)

Yelp Review #2
I had an accident back in February 2017 and had my therapy services performed here and I would recommend Dr. Chung, Theresa & staff to all of my friends. This office is clean, the staff is professional, friendly & very compassionate toward you and your injuries. Since my treatment has been completed. I still would get a call from the office staff from time to time just to check up on me to make sure I'm doing fine.

Yelp Review #3
I had an accident in July and curryford chiropractor was the center that treated me. The staff and Dr. Chung are very profressional. I was treated very well and also had gotten a couple pick ups from their staff. The manager Theresa was very polite and professional. The center made me feel like home. Even though I treated with them they are still letting me come back and get treated for free. There is not another place that will do that. I highly recommend this office and there staff. Dr. Chung is very on point and percise. He took care of my back like I never had a treatment before. Thank you for all your services.


Our Chiropractic Care and Pain Relief Services include:



407-730-3980 East Orlando (Curry Ford Rd)

407-730-3980 West Orlando (W. Colonial Dr)

407-730-3980 South Orlando (Gatlin Ave)

Orlando Chiropractic  and Pain Treatment Services

Dr. Chung, D.C. | 407-730-3980

Dr. Chung and his Professional Staff serves the Chiropractic Care, Auto Accident Injury Pain Treatment, Massage Therapy, Adjustment, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Mechanical Traction Therapy, and Physiotherapy Service needs of those in Orlando and Central Florida.

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